Is it too late to start a gardening project in the middle of July?

| December 20, 2013 | 4 Comments

Question by Miley: Is it too late to start a gardening project in the middle of July?
A group and I are planning a gardening project. THe whole adding a pond, planting lots of flowers and shrubs on plain land. This areas is mostly just grass and couple of shrubs. We want to finish this project by the end of August. I am told that its too late because its too hot for plants to grow and such. We really want to do this project. An answer would be a great help!!

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Answer by tigrillen
Well you can certainly dig a pond, if necessary line the pond.

It is really not a good idea to plant during the current heat wave, but who knows if there will be a couple of cooler and maybe even rainy weeks it would be OK. I guess it also depends how much time and energy you want watering your plants.

The main problem is that you want to have the project finished by the end of august since there are a lot of plants which you could plant very well in fall if the weather stays too hot.

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  1. A says:

    It is a too late really as most plants have a time they should be planted and its passed unless you just get evergreens as they can be planted whenever.

  2. glenn t says:

    no it’s not too late

  3. emmann3354 says:

    Your timing is perfect for an autumn cole crop and green manure cover crops.
    Till up your garden area and determine where you will grow parsley, carrots, beets, turnips, kale, mustard greens,cabbage, lettuce, and the Queen of the Scene, Brussels Sprouts. The best Brussels Sprouts you can grow can be sown as seeds right now, days are getting shorter, in 6 weeks the temps will start cooling at evening time.
    For those parts of the garden that you want to green manure, sow buckwheat and till it back under when it blooms in 4-6 weeks… whenever, just till it while the bloom is on.

  4. Jan C says:

    Yes, it would be better to plant shrubs and bushes in the late fall. The rest you need to do in Spring after the last frost.

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