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| May 9, 2012 | 18 Comments

I made this video to show the fully cleared out pond with all the vegetation cut back from around the edges and up the surrounding hillside. Looks alot better now.
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A sunny afternoon in the garden at Chartwell, home of Winston and Clementine Churchill. Music: Derek Paravicini & Evangelos Himonides Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly. Produced by Grace Filby BA(Hons) CertEd FRSA Churchill Fellow Science & Engineering Ambassador Designs For Wellbeing at
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  1. grahamh1967 says:

    Well one mans pest is another mans wild life! I know where your coming from re Game keepers though m8, they are under other pressures to get the work done though and they cant always follow the rules. Same as in all walks of life, theres good and bad Gamekeepers.

  2. pondguru says:

    I was out with a gamekeeper when I was doing work on a local estate many years ago and I asked him what creatures on the moor he considered to be vermin.
    He stopped the jeep, turned to me and said “Anything with a mouth”.
    Could be summed up by another keeper who told me: “If it flies, it dies – If it hops, it drops”
    Good to see someone still has Victorian values in our modern busy world.

  3. grahamh1967 says:

    Well its always nice to do your bit with the inlaws and then reap the rewards afterwards lol Good luck with the dig this weekend, let me know how it goes & what you find. I look forward to the new vids m8 Im swotting for an Exam at the moment, for Pest Control so my heads hurting! :-( Graham.

  4. pondguru says:

    They are going down visiting relatives and since I went down last time I get time off for good behaviour. lol
    I will be doing lots of videos while they are away plus hopefully producing a DVD of a beginners guide to metal detecting just in time for christmas presents? to sell on Ebay. I’ll be giving some free copies away to people to guage responses so look out for the upload I’ll do advertising that one. May be a couple of weeks until I get it produced and ready to sell.

  5. grahamh1967 says:

    Are your family going down to London for the NFL Game? Its blowing a bit down here so get wrapped up lol Let me know how you go on with the dig, you do lead an interesting life. Graham.

  6. pondguru says:

    I may be in south yorkshire or linconshire this sunday for a metal detecting club dig. My wife and children are away in London for a few days so there is going to be some hard core detecting done then. Watch it rain…………..

  7. grahamh1967 says:

    If I were only closer then Id give it a go for you but I live in South Yorkshire so a bit too far away Im afraid.

  8. pondguru says:

    If you’re local and want to give it a bash, no problem. I have one person fish it every year to check the condition and numbers of the coarse fish but so far no-one who said they wanted to fish it has turned up.

  9. grahamh1967 says:

    You after volunteers? lol 

  10. pondguru says:

    All the fish are growing well. I really need to have someone fish it to see what sort of condition the fish are in as I don’t see 95% of them.

  11. grahamh1967 says:

    Ive viewed the other vids and seen more on whats in the pond, Koi Rudd etc. I had a few Rudd in my pond, very shy and quick when feeding, they loved Maggots or Casters. Hows the Grass Carp coming along?

  12. pondguru says:

    Easier to say what isn’t in there. No pike, wels catfish, salmon, sea trout or eels. Everything else is in there.

  13. grahamh1967 says:

    Awesome! Id love that in my garden, what fish have you put in?

  14. pondguru says:

    At a guess, 400 – 500,000 gallons give or take a bit.

  15. martyb0y1981 says:

    looking great , how meny gallons is it lol

  16. asiandude666 says:

    yup..looks better

  17. Clowwn1 says:

    Looking good man!

  18. pinknonsense says:

    Sorry if you didn’t enjoy my video. The title shows it is about UV sunlight and organic gardening. It mainly features living vegetables, roses, bean plants, pumpkins, fish & 21st century children.

    WSC’s Wealden views were best from inside the house and his 1st floor private study – I was only in the garden.

    I am delighted with the music. The young gifted pianist is a severely autistic, blind, musical savant & world famous. WSC did love swimming and flying – and fun.

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