Lotus Pond at Malampuzha Gardens

| April 22, 2013 | 14 Comments

Lotus Pond at Malampuzha Gardens.
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Learn how to install a disappearing waterfall with help from the professionals at http://www.pondliner.com. These attractive disappearing water features are …
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  1. PondlinerCom says:

    The expanding foam used to insulate windows and doors is very similar but has poisonous toxins in it that will harm aquatic life. The black waterfall foam has been formulated to be safe for aquatic life and it’s black so it is less noticeable in the water. Unfortunately I’m not sure who you would contact in your area to find the black waterfall foam but I’m sure most stores that carry water feature supplies would have it.

  2. Dennis Henriksen says:

    What is black foam exactly? We dont have this in denmark. We have a similar product used to insulate windows and doors..

  3. Dhiraj Doshi says:



  4. JackPreacher says:

    Agreed……..amazing !

  5. Xanda Xu says:

    wow. amazing

  6. PondlinerCom says:

    Every water feature is different so total cost can vary. This particular water feature is using the 13′ Savio Pond Free Package. This package comes with everything you need to build your pondless waterfall minus the water, rock and concrete blocks and runs $1,001.25 w/free shipping (as of 6/14/2012). Check out our reference section at Pondliner . com for help on how to calculate head pressure, reservoir size and water flow. All of which are important when building a water feature.

  7. hschaf10 says:

    Looks great. What sort of price would a water feature like this sit at?

  8. simpsonlordguy says:

    I love how they promote using gloves, yet the guy in the video does not use them.

  9. babyzzz65 says:

    very nice, looks very natural



  11. PondlinerCom says:

    For this particular water feature a 3000 gallon per hour pump is used.

  12. Carlos Alberto says:

    Wowww, excelent!!!

  13. Ethayar says:

    Very nice!! I like it.

  14. superyoohoo100 says:

    Wow! fabulous!

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