Making a pond, please help?

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Question by Johny Sway: Making a pond, please help?
I have a 200 gallon pond. I’m putting 5 goldfish in it. 2 orandas, 2 commons, and a comet. I dont know what plants, or what I should do for a waterfall. I got this from craigslist for free. It came w/ the 200g pond, a 400$ pump, and some lights.

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Answer by David
really hard to answer as asked, prob why no answers after a couple days.

couple questions, what region are you in? I assume us because of gallons, but like zone 5? 8? how big is your pond? (I know you say 200g but without dimensions no real help) what kind of fitration? (need to know if looking for oxygenators, bog plants, floaters etc. Why those 5 goldfish? just something you have or what you plan to choose?

do you have any budget for your waterfall?

what are the lights, floaters/internal/external?

if you clarify I can give you some good tips if not google ‘water garden forum’ – you will find a dozen or so good sites that explain what you need to know about a good garden pond

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