My Bog/ Biological Filter

| June 18, 2012 | 20 Comments

or, how to build a super bio-bog filter right in your pond!


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  1. pondsandkoi says:

    Yes, but all are too big now. They use to go upstream and end up in the filter!
    But its just what I wanterd now, they go in the bog and pick around, I think they enjot it a lot.

  2. jarrod989 says:

    have your fish ever gone through the stream up to the current?

  3. pondsandkoi says:

    What yo want to do is supper easy, just make the pond, keep it fairly shallow, and add plants, nothing more to do but think them out! And my little bog is not so little anymore, it’s a great place for small fish to hang out away from the bug guys.

  4. KittenToez says:

    This is great! I’m planning to build a pond, but not for fish. Fish scare me. I just wanted a body of water for toads, birds, bats etc. to encourage them to take up residence near the house and eat some of my insects. I’m also going to use bentonite clay as a natural liner. I wonder how your pond is holding up…I thought you needed more area in the planted portion to provide adequate filtration…

  5. TheExalTeDGuy says:

    This is freaking awesome man greatt job!

  6. letsbeefriendsok says:


  7. chuckster6487 says:

    So that bog is a joke, you really could do so much more for your fish and your pond!

  8. pondsandkoi says:

    The bog does barely anything, but I do have filters besides that. The koi love the bog and I’m trying to slowly remove the rocks so they can go right into it and pick at the plants.

  9. ocbc1975 says:

    Looks pretty awesome though the water is still really cloudy have you considered saving for a real filtering system with a uv system?. Your fish would probably love it and you would be able to see what is going on?.

  10. pondsandkoi says:

    The pond is made with a liner, no cement. It is level al the way around, and is cionnected to the sprinking system which adds 5-10 minutes of water every other day.

  11. MrLocos2 says:

    how do you maintein the water inside the your pond? you use sement?

  12. pondsandkoi says:

    I plan to take the rocks out a few at atime as the plants grow, to encourage my koi to go up in the bog and play. Should have an update around June.

  13. makavelishaman says:

    pretty cool idea

  14. pondsandkoi says:

    I had a section of pond where the stream entered that had no filtration.  Crap was building up there, so I had the idea to make that area a bog/filter. So it’s actually all inside the pond, inside the liner. I agree, you don’t want a leak!

  15. pondsandkoi says:

    Do it yourself, less than 1200. which includes the liner, the pump and the backhoe rental.  It would cost you 12000 or more to have a pond building company do it.

  16. Denton15501 says:

    merely curious…If a pond is built in the similarities of yours…how much does that go for..I assume a nice amount?

  17. jakeorch says:

    Like he said, it’s not an instant process =P

  18. pondsandkoi says:

    the middle plant is a weed called yellow flag iris. very invasive but I don’t care. The cattails are variagated, plus I have water mint and water celery, and a bit of lizard’s tail. You can put whatever you want, I put waht I could afford and find cheaply.

  19. jakoi945 says:

    what kind of plants did you put in there.

  20. pondsandkoi says:

    No kidding.  A biological filter takes time to work.

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