My Goldfish Pond

| April 18, 2013 | 19 Comments

Just thought id put together a little vid of my pond…. I dont normally keep the the waterfall on 24/7… Instead to keep the water clean i collect rain wat…
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Davidsfarmlives has been shut down by the account owner (FrenchValleyAirport). From what I know, he basically wimped out and closed the account. I’m surprise…
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  1. spudsssy says:

    They were kept in a tiny tank in bad conditions and their owner didnt want them anymore… :)

  2. lpsgirl2103 says:

    what do you mean you rescued them. what if the owner loved them just could to aford a giant bowl

  3. Felicia Follum says:

    That fern is crazy! I am absolutely in awe with lily pads and water lilies and want a pond someday. I’m currently researching lily pads for an art campaign raising awareness about sex slavery…I just created a video explaining #TheLilyPadProject if you are curious about the connections or would like some lily pad artwork

  4. John Lee says:

    Only common goldfish can survive these conditions. 1.) No filter required

    2.) No air pump required

    3.) No lid required

    4.) 16 common goldfishes in 10 to 20 gallon Aquariums, in the backyard with water almost full to the top

    5.) algae in the aquarium’s water, making it impossible to see the common goldfishes

    6.) no fish flakes required

    7.) no paying attention to common goldfishes required

    8.) they will still grow big and healthy without a loving owner

  5. John Lee says:

    i have 16 baby fishes. the biggest ones are 2 inches. they live in a 55 gallon plastic basket bucket tank-shaped thing. when they get 4 to 5 inches each, i’ll build them a cheap bigger pond. i cover the pond with it’s lid. i even put 2 light weight wood with nails i put, so birds and cats can’t try anything.

  6. John Lee says:

    i wish there was a meat eating fish that doesn’t eat fish, but eats cats and birds. so it defends the weaker fishes, when a bird or cat tries to eat it’s weaker fish friends. something deadly like a pitbull or killer whale.

  7. aloyalblue1 says:

    Very ncie pond!

  8. TheRossiboy says:

    Hey spuds, what type of minnows are they and are they ok being out in winter? thanks :)

  9. Laura Allen says:

    how big is your pond, nice fish

  10. spudsssy says:

    Es heisst ‘Azolla fern’… #

  11. spudsssy says:

    gonna give ‘Snowy Atlas Mountains Cover’ a shot on guitar… I have a thumb pick iv always wanted to use =D.

  12. spudsssy says:

    I used to know all the names of the plants years ago.. Ill try look them up and ill let you know =D.

  13. spudsssy says:

    Jose Gonazales- Fold (Live),

    Yeah i really wanna play one of Fionn regan Songs… amazin guitar in some of them! Ill upload a vid whenever i get around to it… =D.

  14. ThereThereTBKON says:

    Sorry to ask again but..who’s the song by?

  15. bm20197 says:

    great vid, thats an awesome pond, good job

  16. Slim Tim says:

    awesome pond

  17. ThereThereTBKON says:

    Who’s the song by? Ever listen to Fionn Regan? You should get End of History. 

  18. ThereThereTBKON says:

    It’s beautiful, well done! I love the light orange gold fish.

  19. san379 . says:

    so many people needed that rig that could of been a full time job.. so many people didnt get the amount of bushels or crop ..because of drought… i want to buy one…nobody makes these ..ive searched..

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