New Additions to the Pond – Shoutout to FTTV

| May 29, 2012 | 34 Comments

This video shows the new goldfish I added to my homemade backyard pond. It, also, shows the new playlists available on my channel and shouts out all of the members on Fish Tank TV. ============================================== Ifyou like my videos, please SUBSCRIBE and click THUMBS UP. If you love them, click favorites. Also, if I haven’t subscribed to you, make sure you let me know and I will do so. Thanks for watching!! ============================================== Fish Tank TV – My profile – http Youtube Channel-
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Watch in HD. Series of videos showing the construction of a large wildlife pond at a school in Gosforth, Newcastle (North East England). The pond will have beach area, dipping platform and hibernaculum and will be planted with native plants. This video shows how we install the edging stone around the pond. The large edging stones give a natural effect and provide stable sides to the pond, also allowing for planting between the stones. All stone is sandstone, selected from a local quarry and the cobbles were from Rocks R Us. Part 5 will show the construction of the dipping platform and hibernaculum. Thanks for watching.


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  1. bolly12345 says:

    Ok i’ve reached 600 subs now we should put some ideas together?

  2. Churchhealzimpact says:

    Man, thats sounds like a great idea. What do you have planned?

  3. bolly12345 says:

    thanks and congtrats to you also. I also applied for partnership 2 months were going in the right direction by the the looks of things then. Fingers crossed! Hey I was thinking if you havent got anything planned for your 600 sub video we should do a collab or something?

  4. samuelwaynefoleyjr says:

    yeah i believe that

  5. Churchhealzimpact says:

    appreciate the input man, thanks a mil

  6. Churchhealzimpact says:

    lol no way bro…once you get 2000 subs like he has it goes up so fast

  7. Churchhealzimpact says:

    yea man, i got accepted for that just over 2 weeks ago myself brother. I applied for partnership almost 2 months ago and no response. We will see how that goes. I’m glad people realize that we put some serious work into our channels and that getting subs isn’t as easy as uploading Videos (for most people). Well done mate.

  8. Churchhealzimpact says:

    lol for syre

  9. Churchhealzimpact says:

    appreciate it

  10. Churchhealzimpact says:

    thanks man!

  11. TheRossiboy says:

    the new goldfish look awesome :)

  12. Bazil1869 says:

    nice house 😀

  13. WetTropix says:

    good i need a cliched guide lol i know nothing bout them i only know about the common ones like Oscars Jack Dempsey and Angel fish

  14. phillykidd15 says:

    check out ebay.

  15. bolly12345 says:

    Cool video brother – have you noticed we’ve been chasing almost the sane subscriber numbers for almost a week now. Ps I just got accepted to monetize all my videos 😉 see you at 600 subs buddy.

  16. samuelwaynefoleyjr says:

    600 dammnnn man congrats your catching up to dustin man lol

  17. Churchhealzimpact says:

    im sure two 140gph powerheads in two different spots in the pond would be much better than one 500gph…up to you though

  18. weareallwet says:

    Congrats on the subs, and the pond is looking great man!

  19. HobbyKing1000 says:

    very cool imstill trying to find a big powerhead i only find little 140 gph once in need like a 500gph

  20. pondguru says:

    I think this took me 6 days – not full days mind and I had help on one of the days so it wasn’t a stressful build by any means.

  21. jpf1979james says:

    how long would a pond this size take to build?

  22. pondguru says:

    The end is nigh.I’m uploading a video on the construction of the platform and hibernaculum today. Its in HD and 25 minutes so will take all day to upload. The one after that will be the planting and finishing touches.

  23. HawaiianBubble says:

    Great video , cant wait to see it finished!

  24. pondguru says:

    I usually don’t get paid from the company (who I’m doing the work for) for up to 60 days.

  25. djscottdog1 says:

    yer good materials always help but you arranged them well too

  26. Gritzaable says:

    how much they paid u?

  27. pondguru says:

    Since the water is filled about 2-3″ below any cement, it will be hardened off before the pond fills right up in the winter. In a fish pond, I would drain and fill a few times before setting the pump and filter up into action to ensure that the water is suitable for fish but in a wildlife pond, the colonisation is very slow so there is no need toempty and refill unless the water has been contaminated by cement prior to planting the soft aquatic plants.

  28. pondguru says:

    Editing the next video is a ton of hard work. There’s about an hour of footage of me making the dipping platform and hibernaculum to chop down into something watchable.

  29. pondguru says:

    No worries. Its the first time I have actually used one of my designs for this particular company I’m doing the work for. All the other times I have been fixing other people’s balls ups so I’m glad this is going according to plan. lol

  30. pondguru says:

    No worries, thanks for appreciating. I’m busy trying to get the next one in at under 30 minutes as there is alot to explain about making the dipping platform and building the hibernaculum.

  31. pondguru says:

    It just softens the appearance of all the stone.

  32. pondguru says:

    It is nice stone so that makes a difference.

  33. pondguru says:

    Generally in a wildlife pond you would just allow wildlife to find it and top up as necessary. In a fish pond you wouldn’t do more than a 50% water change – even people with koi will only change about 10% a week and allow the filter to keep the water sweet. 

  34. pondguru says:

    Cementing the edging stones just means that they will be there for years to come and will provide a stable edge for people to walk on.

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