New house…gardening questions.?

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Question by Nick: New house…gardening questions.?
We have recently purchased a new house, but due to city requirements, it must meet specific things (safety and such) before we move in.

The wood and pest inspection noticed that there was an issue with one of the bedrooms. The subflooring was rotting. He told us it was due to a garden thing that was built on the outside of the house. It was pretty tall along the house. There wasn’t enough protection between it and the wall on the outside. Therefore when the plants were watered, it went under the floor in that room as well…We were suggested to get “waterless” plants or dirtless gardens..

What would you suggest doing?

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Answer by madamdreamweaver
What about a Zen Garden type landscape that’s all stones and sand and no plants? Groupings of different size stones: small pea gravel, medium small pond stones, a few larger rocks and maybe one or two even larger stones. and also sand. You could also go to one of those places that sells decorative cement items for gardens & yards and see you can find something oriential looking to go with. Pieces of driftwood might be pretty also. This way it wouldn’t have to be watered.
It could be quite artistic & peaceful looking.

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