(Non-op) pond pump needs over the winter?

| December 21, 2012 | 1 Comment

Question by Jay P.: (Non-op) pond pump needs over the winter?
Hi all! Quick question. I just emptied my small garden pond for the winter. If I plan to leave it empty and non-operational for the winter, is there anything I need/should do to protect the pump? It has a buried electrical line, and so, I cannot bring it indoors for the season. Thanks!

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Answer by rico3151
If there is no water in it (that might freeze) it will be fine till spring as long as its not turned on dry.

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  1. ian h says:

    wrap it in sacking & tie with string, but why empty the pond, ponds are teaming with wildlife through the winter months, larve etc. best to keep full if possible.

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