Planting A Waterlily, video 3 hardy water lily

| June 30, 2012 | 6 Comments Tim Davis in his 3rd video of the series plants us a Hardy sizeable adult lily that may be divided. He instructs to plant with the old end against the container so the young end can grow across the pot.
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  1. gbomhearts says:


  2. pondmegastore says:

    the water got foul, you need to watch in new plantings in a closed enviroment the water does not foul. You suffocated the roots to death by not changing the water.

  3. pondmegastore says:

    lotus are not lilies, this video is of a lily, they are different so I hope you are talking about a lotus. As a lotus tuber breaks down the water will foul so it must be changed daily or sometimes two times per day if an oily sheen appears on the surface. This wont happen after a lotus is established with many growing leaves. Also they should be in may hours of sunlight outside.

  4. 4GreenEarth2 says:

    I planted in a lotus tuber in a fish bowl using some garden dirt and the plant grew some leaves – but the leaves started turning brown and dried up around the edges. Also, I noticed that the water was turning a dark black oily color then eventually had a thin crust on the surface. Can you explain?

  5. pondmegastore says:

    The drop and grow is no where near enough in size to get a mass of pads and flowers. Most people also have no clue if it is a dwarf lily or a large lily and how deep the plant should be planted. Pot her in a 16 inch wide container against the side of the pot growing tip pointed toward the other side and slightly above the mud at that point You will get a couple years growth and so many flowers if in sun and fertilized. Do not worry about a U shape, it is easy to cut along old growth.

  6. homiegali says:

    A stupid question, I have a lot of the “drop and grow” you buy from big box stores. My tuber and roots are growing out of the top of the small pot. I am worried about the tuber forming a U. Any ideas or just follow the video steps?

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