Ponds and frogs..?

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Question by Love/Hate: Ponds and frogs..?
I was just in our garden and we have quite a small pond [no fish] but we did have tadpoles early this year, then very recently there has been a fully grown frog in the pond and every time I go out and go and take a look, cept just now there were two heads poking out of the water! One was our frog but the other head was bigger and it was black. Is this a toad?? Also if it is a toad does anyone have any suggestions of how to get rid of it without killing it as I have two dogs and I heard if dogs get ahold of toads then the toads release poison which can kill them, and well my dogs are likely to try and eat them if they get the chance! lol! Thanks for any help!

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Answer by Nini
A net, box, and new pond away from your house.

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  1. roadhunter says:

    Toads do not live in the water, and you will rarely see one submerged, even with its head above water, except when they breed in the early spring. They live NEAR water. I suspect you are seeing something else…perhaps a turtle or another frog, or a snake.
    The poison most toads release is unlikely to kill a dog. It just makes their mouths foam up and they learn quickly not to pick up toads. I have 5 dogs, and more toads in my yard than I care to count, and have never had a problem.

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