Prince Of Persia 2008 Royal Gardens Puzzle

| November 25, 2012 | 12 Comments

Prince Of Persia 2008 Royal Gardens Puzzle Some folks are having trouble solving this puzzle so here it is…

Sloping Garden by Cedar Nursery Landscape Design


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  1. TheMcmanolo says:

    thanks a lot man

  2. heres chrissy says:

    took me an hour to do this, and it was blind luck.

  3. Fatih Gögce says:


  4. 915nabi says:

    I did the left side within 5 minutes….
    I worked on the right side for two and a half hours with no success…
    I got mad, took a break, & came back and did the right side in 2 minutes.

    to this day… I still have no clue how I figured it out. Guess I got lucky in some weird way.

  5. ZeroHxC07 says:

    Ok i found out what you have to do for those of you, like me, who dident get this video that much. Or if you alredy started the puzzle. Each circle has a coule of blocks with black arrows. the corruption flows through those. Then just lead the corruption to the last block

  6. h9per says:

    thanks man

  7. YellowHero1 says:


  8. Hizangable says:

    Thanks for the help, loosing my mind over here.

  9. hypnotichellspiral says:

    It’s fairly straightforward, if you start from the end where you want the corruption to go into the basin, just work your way to where the corruption pool is and it should be easier to do (it was for me.)

  10. Amrit Shahi says:

    i didnt know what to do exactly but as i kept rotating crank i accidentally got it!

  11. zoezoepet10 says:

    Saved my life hahaha

  12. tekkennerdable says:

    Thanx did not understand anything ^^

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