Q&A: Building a pond need help?

| May 16, 2014 | 2 Comments

Question by Matt: Building a pond need help?
I am planing to build a pond but i need to know a few things the place that i want the pond to be is near a patio and i was wondering if that would affect anything also how deep do you think that i would need to go i would like to keep fish in the pond but not koi maybe just some goldfish any other help would be much appreciated


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Answer by Shivani
i ahv never built a pond but i would say dig about 1 or 1.5 feet deep

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  1. Ann S says:

    There is more to a pond than digging a hole and filling it with water.
    Yes, if you put the pond to close to the patio without proper reinforcement it could allow the dirt to slide out from under the patio,Depending on your type of soil you need to talk to a garden/pond person and come up with a plan.
    How big do you want it to be? You understand that depending on where you live you might have to move your fish in the cold season(they can take alot but not a full freeze)
    You’ll need a way to move the water around to get air to the fish, and a filter would be nice so that it stays fairly clean. I don’t use one in mine, but mine is above ground and I keep plain feeder goldfish and just add a chemical to keep the water from getting terrible skunky and change it like 2-3 times a season( Ihave all 4 so the fish live in the house during late fall thru spring frost)

  2. pondlady says:

    Here’s how to build a pond. Keep it at least 18″ from the patio, 3′ is even better. This article has photos and step by step instructions:

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