Q&A: Building a pond?

| February 18, 2014 | 3 Comments

Question by Germ: Building a pond?
what things do u need to build a pond with lyner. im planning to make it at least 3 1/2 feet deep & 12 ftlong. its gona be and addition to my 250 gallon pond dat i have now.

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Answer by Koko
go to watergarden.com and you can get all the info you need there.

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  1. Tincan Navy says:

    Fill dirt,Sand, Shovel, liner, pump, liner sealant. oh, water too.

  2. thepolishchef says:

    Try http://www.useful-information-in-oz.com.
    They have great pond information!

  3. jt says:

    What a great idea! I have an 800 gallon pond with waterfall, plants, fish, and landscaping. I did all the work myself.

    It is often helpful to read, read, read before building a pond. Here are some helpful PDF booklets:
    http://www.naturalwaterfall.com/ebook/bookhtml/signup.aspx (you have to enter an e-mail for this, but it’s an excellent source! I use it often.)

    I also search for images of backyard ponds and water gardens. I save images to a folder on my desktop and study them for ideas.

    You may need:
    1. Liner. Cheap liner may crack, become brittle, and puncture easily. I use roofing liner instead of pond liner. Some sources say roofing liner may have harmful chemicals in it, but I have had no problem. If you buy pond liner, buy the best.
    2. Underlayment for the liner. Prevents punctures. This can be actual underlayment, or it can be something like old carpet!
    3. If you’re joining two ponds together, you may want liner adhesive to prevent leaks.

    Every pond needs an ecosystem. This consists of:
    1. Fish. Fish eat algae.
    2. Plants. Plants oxygenate the water and provide shade for the fish. Algae hates shade.
    3. Aeration. A pump with a bubbler, sprayer, or waterall. Oxygenated the water, keeps it moving. Algae hate this.
    4. Filtration. I use a biofilter (a tub with foam blocks) for extra filtration. It is at the top of my waterfall.
    5. Sun/shade. Ponds need about 6 hours of sun daily.
    6. Beneficial bacteria. Liquid, powder, tablet. These bacteria “eat” pond wastes and discourage algae. They should be added when the water is fresh.

    Constructing a pond may be complicated, but it’s like buildind a home. If you hurry, use cheap materials, and take shortcuts, the pond won’t last.

    Happy ponding!

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