Q&A: can I build a garden on top of fake grass?

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Question by tammara777: can I build a garden on top of fake grass?
I have fake grass and concrete. Can I put one of those quick flower bed kits on top the fake grass? Or can some one recommend good container garden plants for very hot summer sun?

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Answer by RiSu
It should work with a proper irrigation set and in a dry areas like in case of decert landscaping. If you are looking for plants with less water requirement , you have to explore a bit on Xeriscaping, which is container gardening with minimal water requirement for arid areas.

It is also a good idea to try vegetable gardening (depend on personal interests), but leads to organic food as a bonus :-)

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  1. sharks blade says:

    You can grow pretty much anything thing, now there are some things that wont work, in containers. Just go to our local hardware store/garden center and see what is good for your area. All you need is a deep enough container, plenty of water (you always water container plants a bit more than ground plants), fertilizer, and sunshine. I’ve grown tomatoes in a five gallon bucket with a tomato cage, strawberries in a hanging basket, romain lettuce in a three gallon bucket, and a series of squash, cucumbers in a home made garden box. Just make sure it has good drainage as well. Good luck.

    Here is what alot of my neighbors use http://www.lowes.com/pd_48620-1606-2345D_0__?productId=3341626&Ntt=flower+beds&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dflower%2Bbeds&facetInfo=

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