Q&A: Can my neighbour put a pond in her council house garden?

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Question by Jordan: Can my neighbour put a pond in her council house garden?
She is planning on putting a 5ft x 4.5ft pond in her garden but not down the bottom of the garden just a few feet out her back door and close to our extension and as she has been digging it out it is going to be pretty close to out home must state out house is a private house and hers is council and I was wondering if she is allowed to put it there? is she allowed to do it on council property? does she need permission? and are the council going to foot the bill if it overflows and damages our property because I am not prepared for my house insurance to be going up. Not only that but where it is being dug out tree roots from our trees on our side are underneath and is she cuts them up and the tree dies is she going to pay for that tree?

All answers welcome and thanks for your time.
Kind regards, Jordan
Thank you for your answers but “live and let live” is all fine and dandy but we have had nothing but problems with them if you went in there house you would wipe your feet on the way out, the garden is a S*** tip they have had chickens stinking the place out last summer and they have gotten in to our garden. As for the trees they have been there years and years and I got my dimensions all wrong on the pone too its around 8ft by 7 and around 5ft deep and its all very well saying “live and let live” but I can see it now the pond after a few months they put fish in they die and then they just forget about it and then its just stagnant water stinking out the place wouldn’t mind so much if it was further down the garden and not right up to our house. Also these are the kind of people that haven’t got 2 pennies to scratch there arse with but are prepared to be putting in ponds and maintaing and there not cheep. The council will be getting a phone call in the morni
Oh yeah and they have the barking f****** dogs the revving of motorcycles all hours

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Answer by bobman
First, if your tree roots are cut back on her property and the tree dies, there is nothing you can do, any part of the tree on her property can be legally cut back. Perhaps it was planted too close to the boundary.You can ask for the roots back as they are still your property.
She is allowed to have a pond in a council owned property as it is considered a normal garden feature. As it is so small, any overflow is extremely unlikely to cause any structural damage. If it was 2 feet deep it will only contain about 1200litres of water in total. In the last month more than that fell on my garden.
Live and let live.

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  1. he26 says:

    im with bobman, live and let live, its a pond, better than 2 old mattresses and a barking dog!!!

  2. WILLIAM J says:

    As bobman pointed out, your roots have been invading your neighbors place and? Could have wrecked foundations or worse. And did they go off and begin thinking litigation and strife? Bobman was most right when he said “live and let live” . Seems life could be happier if you just got along . One might ask, assuming good will to all is not in the dictionary where you are, what the regs are about building a wall high enough to keep prying eyes and noses where they belong. Until what your neighbor does causes a real problem you have no problem, really.

  3. pennybarr says:

    I am in the USA so cannot answer your question. I would suggest you call the Council or the Department in charge of such properties and ask them about repairs in case of damage. In the US certain homes are on property owned by a City. In those cases, the property is treated as though it belongs to the home owner as far as adding additions and any damage to the home owner’s property or the property of others caused by the Home Owner whose house is on City Property is their responsibility.

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