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Question by portiaraylee: Container Water Garden?
I am thinking about putting up a large ceramic pot on my porch for a container water garden. I have a few water plants, and I was just wondering if I HAVE to have some kind of air pump or filter to keep the water circulating? If so – would a bubble stone work? Also, do I have to add some kind of vitamins to the water to feed the plants or is it just ‘plain water’?

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Answer by stacy
you should have a pump,but if your container is small enough to empty often,and keep clean,you can get by without one.if you are having fish in it(goldfish) then it’s best to have the pump to airate the water.it’s hard to keep the fish alive if the water doesn’t circulate.i don’t believe a bubble stone would be the same as a pump,but i’ve never had one so i can’t say for sure.you wouldn’t want nasty fish dropping’s bubbling up from your pond. if you go without the pump,put the dirty water on your flower garden,and your flower’s will benefit from it.there are fertilizer stick’s that you push into the soil of your plant’s every couple of week’s.they won’t hurt your fish.

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  1. pcbeachrat says:

    Here is all you need to know about the pumps, and pictures and where to get them…all the way down to pondless waterfalls..enjoy

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