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Question by Phillip K: Gardens to have that are nice?
I have a small garden with a small pond in the corner with comets in a shed a green house and 2 small flower beds. what else can I do to make it look very good and are there any sites with ideas on makeing a good garden?

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Answer by Jeanne the Genius
It sounds as though you have a lovely setting. Now you just need to concentrate on your plantings — make sure there are some climbing plants – perhaps you can train some up the side of the shed. Make sure you have plenty of tall plantings at the back of your garden, and make sure there are plenty of architectural plantings — particularly of the evergreen variety, to give your garden year-round interest. Also add some evergreen groundcovers to reduce weeds and give you year-round green to enjoy. You can also buy some unusual plants, such as contorted filbert, smokebush or Japanese maple to give your garden some focal points.

To add non-plant interest, stained glass stepping stones, bird baths, benches and gazine balls also add interest.

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