Q&A: How can i built my own garden fish pond? Anyone know how can i hire one?

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Question by ::Lisa:: :: How can i built my own garden fish pond? Anyone know how can i hire one?
And how much would it cost including all the equipments/materials? I want to build a garden fish pond with a small water fountain in my front yard. I have lots of space to built it. I also want to add some plants and fish in it. But want to make sure the fish wont get eaten by the birds.

thanks for your help. =]

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Answer by Carol A
Hi i would suggest that you check out things on line to get an idea of what you need somewhere like B&Q garden department they have some great deals

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  1. july says:

    It depends! Your big decisions to make are:

    How large (gallons) do you want your pond?
    Rubber liner? Rigid plastic liner?
    Waterfall? Fountain? Sprayer, bubbler, splasher?

    For the small do-it-yourselfer, stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and waterpond/watergarden stores offer kits. These range from about $ 200 to over $ 2000! Most kits include a rigid shell or liner; a pump; and a small fountain kit.


    To support fish, your pond should be at least 18″ at its deepest. This may depend on your climate–i.e., how hot/cold your summers/winters get.

    Things I Learned Building My Pond:

    1. Do not put your pond where runoff water can get into it. Runoff can contain pesticides, herbicides, and toxins that will kill your plants and fish.
    2. Your pond needs about 6 hours of sun daily.
    3. Ponds need an ecosystem to stay balanced:
    a. Fish. Fish eat algae.
    b. Plants. Water lilies, water hyacinth. Offer shade for fish, put oxygen into the water.
    c. Aeration. A waterfall, a fountain. Keeps water circulating.
    d. Filter. Some pumps have a “prefilter”, which is basically a piece of foam over the pump to keep “crud” out. Larger ponds may need additional filtering.
    e. Something to balance your water. I use beneficial bacteria tablets. They actually “eat” crud and sludge.
    4. Leave room around your pond for rocks and plants.
    5. Your pond will attract birds, toads, dragonflies, and snakes.
    6. If your pond is large enough, an upside-down milk crate with a stepping stone on it will give your fish a place to hide from predators. I’ve lost a few fish to birds.

    I studied for almost a year before I built my pond and waterfall. I looked at other peoples’ ponds, pond websites, and pond message boards. I bought pond magazines and books. I built it out of a 700-gallon stock tank and added a two-tier waterfall.

    Please let me know if you have questions!

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