Q&A: How can i get the huge pile of leaves out of my backyard pond?

| March 5, 2013 | 5 Comments

Question by the frog: How can i get the huge pile of leaves out of my backyard pond?
The trees above the pond are just pounding my pond with leaves. I am afraid this could ruin it.How can I remove them or should I not worry?

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Answer by Spectre
Buy a second hand leaf scoop ( for a swimming pool) shorten the handle as necessary and Bobs your uncle

Plan B buy a kitchen sieve, fix it to a old broom handle and scoop leaves out of pond

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  1. OleGreyGoose says:

    We use a gravel rake to remove the leaves from our pond every Fall.

  2. dances_with_unicorns1955 says:

    How about getting one of those nets that they use to clean swimming pools? Unless they’re REALLY small leaves, I think that would do the job.

  3. Ann Cirrus says:

    Depends on the size of the pond and whether or not it contains fish. If it’s just a small decorative backyard pond, I’d use a garden rake to get them out, then use a pool skimmer or something similar to screen out the smallerl bits.

    If it’s a large pond, I wouldn’t worry about the leaves. I have a stock pond full of catfish that’s surrounded by trees. It gets covered with leaves every fall. They eventually sink to the bottom and decompose. No problems with the pond so far. It’s been there longer than I’ve been alive.

  4. runesmisstress says:

    Dependant on how big your pond is try a sheet of netting or something similar, get some one to help you with the other side and drag it so that the leaves are captured within.

  5. Rick says:

    I would worry. Go to a pool store and get a net that is made to remove debris – it works for ponds too. For future I would cover the pond with pond netting.

    Besides filling up the pond the decaying leaves will cause massive algae bloom the following year(s). I would also suggest getting some of the benificial bacteria to put in your pond that will eat the decaying debris and help with this issue.

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