Q&A: How can i nurse my fish to prepare for pond ?

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Question by Michael: How can i nurse my fish to prepare for pond ?
I want to baby some of my.fish before I out them in my pond/koi garden/pool what fish can I get and keep them in a smaller tank and still have them grow pretty fast? What can I use to house them instead of a fish tank, can I use these huge glass containers I have? What fish will grow the fastest

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Answer by Calla
How big is the pond you’re putting them into and how large are these glass containers you’re talking about?

A healthy pond environment is the best place for them to grow unless you’re thinking of getting very small juveniles that you’re afraid may be bullied by larger fish in the pond. But if you have a large enough pond and plants/hiding places it shouldn’t be an issue

Any standard goldfish will grow at a nice rate if given large, established, heavily filtered tanks, excellent water quality and a nutritious varied diet

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