Q&A: How do I make pond water from going away?

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Question by : How do I make pond water from going away?
I cement the pond with 3 layers and Im not going to do another one. I have 2 roots in there that I cemented, but Im not sure if there taking in water still. I have 2 layers of brown paint in there and still, the water keeps going away. Help pleas.

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Answer by chickengal
the best thing to do now is measure your pond hole allowing 2 foot extra adding that to your total measurement and go get yourself a rubber pond liner,but do not skimp on quality or you’ll have to replace it too soon!get at least a 45 mill thick liner and preferable even a higher mill and lay the liner inside your pond,of course you’ll have to drain it first! This will solve your water problem,I promise!! Just cut the excess liner away once you’ve filled your pond back with water.Water gardening is so much fun and so relaxing,once you have your pond established,Enjoy!!!

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  1. naturelover says:

    have you tryed just using plain claulk to seal it. it is pretty cheap from 2 to 5 dollars a tube. and water resistant. it can be purchased at any hardware store and of course at walmart

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