Q&A: How do I treat a pond for worms and other parasites?

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Question by Rusty: How do I treat a pond for worms and other parasites?
I heard you can use Lye to change the ph and it would kill them. We’re talking about a 5 acre pond maybe.

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Answer by sanctuary
When I saw this, I thought, Huh? No problem, I have seven “ponds” around my house. Not ONE of them is 5 acres! LOL on me!
What I have done though is keep the water clean, It’s not so much PH as not giving those nasty critters enough rotting anything to feed on. Just cause we can’t “see”it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
I have,….Brackish or Fresh h2o, Fresh water clams, crawfish, snails, and plenty of plants. That was all for weeks to let establish, thenI added koi, shubunkin, and even colorful guppies ofr bug control.
If you e-mail me wildlifin_41@yahoo.com I will send pics so you can see. Let me know if this helped at all and can you send picsof your “pond” LOL At 5 acres it sounds georgeous!!! Also, lye will kill it all as it generates a lot ammonia, be careful.

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  1. g_carrillo13 says:

    add a tiny bit of chlorox….it kills anything…but since its 5 acre try a cup or 2

  2. Jim says:

    You cant. If you treat for the worm, parasites, insects, bugs, etc you will effectively be treating the fish and frogs as well. All bodies of water have a natural flora and fauna. This includes those we humans don’t like. However, fish and other life in the pond or lake, are adapted to the presence of all these critters.

    The problem comes when something shifts the balance or the homeostatic or the norm of life in that body of water. This could be weather or lack of rain. Could be man introduced like herbicides or fertilizer. Whatever, it shifts the usual balance within the pond. Cause an algae bloom or a burst in numbers of bacteria. There isn’t much one can do about that.

    If you are feeding fish and see signs of parasites then try feeding medicated fish food. You can buy the food pretreated or treat it yourself. Farm stores usually carry it. If not ask your local or regional fish biologist.

  3. byderule says:

    stock it with a policulture of fish
    minimum 3 or 4 different species

    bottom feeders ,some tipasa or carp and surface eaters as well as frogs and a variety of water plants ,edge plants and floating stuff like duck weed and lotus
    and then you will have an Eco system ,which is what a 5 acre ponds should be
    put ducks
    read about aqua culture the most lucrative and easy kind of farming that exists

    plant trees on the edges toso that the stuff that falls of them becomes fish food
    put a chicken or /and pig pen on the edge with the lanting floor over the pond ,also to produce fish food with the excrement

    and read the Permaculture Designers Manual ,has a wealth of info on how to build selfsustainable eco systems ,and a big section on aquaculture

    Permaculture means permanent agriculture
    a concept put forward by Bill Mollisson in the 60`s
    which is a complete hand book for environmental design.

    With practical solutions for energy systems ,infrastructure ,housing,
    animal shelter ,water systems and sustainable agricultural practises.
    With the world and it`s history as it`s source
    From the chinampas of Mexico to the teraced gardens of the Andes.
    From the dessert whadis to the steppes of Russia.
    Covering all climatic conditions temporal, dessert, humid and dry tropics.
    with chapters on soil ,Water harvesting and land design,
    Earth working ,Spirals in nature,Trees and water ,utilising energy flows,
    Strategy for an alternative nation

    the Permaculture designers manual by Bill Mollison,which cost about 40 dollars.
    and is the best all round book you can get.(tagiari publishing, tagariadmin@southcom.com.au)

    you could ask at any of the directions below

    some other writers that are on the internet are
    david Holmgren
    Larry Santoyo
    Kirk Hanson

    Masanobu Fukuaka has written ,
    One-Straw Revolution
    The Road Back to Nature
    The Natural Way of Farming

    Simon Henderson
    and Bill Molisson.

    a representitive of the concept in USA is
    Dan Hemenway at YankeePerm@aol.com
    http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/ypc_catalo… Source(s) I am a permaculture consultant for the department of Ecology for the regional government of Guerrero in Mexico

    i got a yahoo 360 which has some stuff in English as well as this spaces

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