Q&A: how do you make a pond??

| February 25, 2014 | 2 Comments

Question by Tanya T: how do you make a pond??
i want to make a smallish, cleap pond in my garden for frogs/newts etc. i don’t want to have to buy filters and aeration and liners and stuff. i was just wondering is you could use old compost bags or carrier bags and just basically how do you make it? i only have a small amount of area (1m squared max) please help :)

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Answer by Labgrrl, Not a True Scotsman
It you don’t have aeration then you have no pond, you have a mosquito factory.

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  1. Lorene F says:

    I agree. Water that doesn’t move invites those flying vampires. You could go as small as an aquarium size pump $ 10 and let it bubble at the top of the surface to keep the water moving. For the container, anything shallow and sealed would work i.e. a shallow tupperwear cake top holder that you dig a spot for and bury 90% of the way so your cretures can crawl into it. Place a few stones that are above water level for birds to land on. Hope this helps.

  2. pondlady says:

    Have a look at my article on building a cheap pond:

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