Q&A: How much would a water garden cost?

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Question by Marbles: How much would a water garden cost?
I’m talking about purchasing a liner for a pond 5 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 2-3 feet deep, 2 or 3 goldfish, and some water plants with lilys.

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Answer by Cakes
well i have seen many texts that actually say you do not need a liner if you have clay soil. but it is the liner that is the main cost and it can vary a lot depending what kind u get and where u get it.

these guys brought up the idea of getting low cost end pieces;

i say that since it sounds like yours is a little small and idk how small end pieces are. Also they say you want carpet or such under your liner. plus those dudes recommend two options this gov text does not:

” There are several ways to create a water garden pool. The most popular way is by using a plastic liner which comes in PVC (polyvinyl chloride), Butl Rubber, or Polyethelene materials. These liners are chemically inert and safe for fish and plants. They come in various thicknesses anywhere from 20 – 45 mils and generally last anywhere from 10-20 years. Most liners will be the largest material expense with the price based on the size of your water garden and liner selection.

When shopping for liners, avoid pool prototypes that have been treated with an algicide inhibitor. These materials can be harmful to the plant and animal balance that naturally occurs in the pool. Furthermore, regular 2-6 mil black plastic sheeting is not well adapted for pool use. ”

more sites about how to make ponds:

so, answer is, between .20 for the goldfish in a clay pond with plants you get for free OR up to maybe five hundred usD for a pond with liner and waterfall and plants from online shops.

about water plants:

what plants cost idk but you can maybe find some for cost of postage here:

^dont bother with daves or seedswappers and check level/type of activity b4 you bother to join.

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  1. Jane of Willows says:

    It would cost at most $ 1000.00. That is a price for landscaping around the pool also. You will need the rocks and plants around the pool. To answer your exact question even though you did not mention a pump and filter would be maybe $ 800.00 with the pump and filter included. Here is a link and their costs are higher.
    Here are the prices at lowes.
    The fish prices are only $ 2.00 per fish and the plants will be $ 10.00 per plant.

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