Q&A: How to clean the water in a garden pond without draining water? Please help!?

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Question by : How to clean the water in a garden pond without draining water? Please help!?
My grandmother has a hand built garden pond in her yard with several fish in it. It has turned green over time, I was wondering to make it easier on her if there were any way to make the water at least look cleaner without having to drain all the water? Thanks for your help!

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Answer by MamaOf7
Put water plants in it. They do a good job. You can also hook up an external filter to the pump temporarily. You can also drain part of the water by using a hose and sucking on the end of it until water comes out. Just be careful not to get any in your mouth. I know it sounds gross but it works. Fill it up with new water. You can do this a few times so that it is not a shock to the fish.

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  1. Best answer usually the simplest says:

    Firstly the concept of what is clean has to be changed in your mind. Clean water allows things to grow right. Green is algae. A plant. Put bleach or chlorine in the water will poison the water and kill the algae(and the fish) and the water bugs and anything else. But it is clear.
    Would you drink from it if nothing can live in it?
    Chances are you got goldfish and the water is warm and they are “fertilizing ” the water and the water is still(not a flowing brook or aereated in some way.) You also need snails or other that help clean the outdoor acquarium. Ask the pet store about this creature or maybe a better fish to keep or reduce the number of fish you got in the pond. A puddle does not a lake make.

  2. Labgrrl says:

    I know several local pond owners that swear by barley straw bundles to reduce green algae. I bet your local pond supply store has them.

  3. hort says:

    If the water is just cloudy or green, it probably just needs a partial water change and to be balanced.
    In order for a pond to have clear water, it needs to be balanced. This is achieved by the introduction of aquatic plants to provide surface cover for shade.
    Unless its polluted, you never really want to drain, clean and refill a pond because you disrupt the balance. Instead, perform a partial water change. If she has a pump, connect a long tube to the pump outlet to drain out one quarter of the water. Then use a garden hose and let the water trickle in slowly to the desired level.
    You should always remove dead or fallen leaves at once and never give fish more food than than they can eat within five minutes.
    Shade discourages algae growth. Algae thrives in sunlight.
    I would suggest using some water lillies for surface cover and oxygenators to deprive the algae of carbon dioxide.

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