Q&A: How to you keep algae and other yucky stuff from growing in your garden pond?

| June 19, 2012 | 11 Comments

Question by fluff_ball: How to you keep algae and other yucky stuff from growing in your garden pond?
We have two ponds in our garden, they are not very big maybe 200 gallons, like a huge bathtub. They have plants and fish in them but they are always so dirty, how to keep them clean without using any harsh chemicals that would harm the fish and plants?

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Answer by ammeinhardt
drop in a tablet of toilet bowl cleaner…

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  1. talldancraig says:

    one way is to purchase marine snails, they clean it quite well plus are not preyed upon by the fish

  2. viking_no3 says:

    There are fish and other creatures you can get that eat the algae. Also, there may be products you can buy to add to the water to prevent algae and is safe for plants and fish. Check out local places that sell pond equipment.

  3. links305 says:


  4. kill_yr_television says:

    A small solar powered pump would help. Water in motion is less likely to get “yucks” in it than water standing still. It need not shoot way up in the air like a decorative fountain or anything, just move the water around.

    Of course, then you have to clean and service the pump now and then :)

  5. crazy monkey says:

    don’t use any fertilizer on your lawn. my town had this problem, where people jacked the lawn’s up with fertilizer, which drained into the ponds and lakes, causing an algae epidemic. I was so bad that the algae killed a dog that drank from the lakes

  6. phil says:

    they have chemicals that are safe for fish and plants it will say it on the label i would also get a pond vac

  7. timc_fla says:

    They have specific products for this that will not harm the fish or plants.
    See your local pond dealer or seach Yahoo.

  8. The Squirrel says:

    I use a tetra pond filter light. It’s the only thing that really works

  9. schinka2006 says:

    Snails are a good option. Also, keep the water circulating and if possible, plant some shady plants around it so that the pond has shadow. The sun always makes algae grow. There are certain type of submerged water plants that keep the water cleaner.

  10. mstr_of_all says:

    aqua shade this is the blue dye to diminish the sun light to the bottom then you have dye quat and copper sulfate a pond this size maybe a table spoon

  11. dele234bd says:

    Call A Garderner

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