Q&A: How would I make a frog pond,a turtle pond,and a fish pond that you would make in a yard that you have to buy?

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Question by : How would I make a frog pond,a turtle pond,and a fish pond that you would make in a yard that you have to buy?
I was wondering how you make a frog pond,a turtle pond or a fish pond because my family eventulally wants to have ponds in our yard when they get better jobs and a better house and when they can afford it,I live indiana,what are some frog and turtle species native to Indiana that can live in ponds in back yards,I think frogs,fish,and turtles should be separated and not live In the same pond because fish eat tadpoles and small frogs,and big frogs eat fish,And turtles eat frogs and fish,I know in nature they all live together but if I have small yard ponds,they should not all be in the same pond,and I know they all have different needs,and I would rather to have a pond with these animals than have them as pets in a Aquarium or a tank because they carry germs and salmonella,I had these as Pets before. Frog Pond-What Frogs are Native to Indiana?how big and Deep would the frog pond need to be for frogs such as Bullfrogs and toads,how would I need it to be to be for it to be attractive to frogs and toads to make a new family?how would I need it to be for them to be able to hibernate in the winter? How else would I need my yard to be to attract frogs?do I need a garden?do I need bushes? Turtle Pond-can turtles come on their own like frogs can?if I had a pond for turtles,would I have to have a fence around it?how would I need it to be so the turtles can hibernate in the winter?how would I need the pond to be set up? Fish pond-how would I prevent turtles and frogs from getting in here?i already know how this would need to be set up.

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Answer by stone
You won’t keep the frogs and turtles out of the fish pond.
Can’t be done.

Keeping the pond from freezing solid should be enough for your turtles to hibernate… they don’t really hibernate, so much as get really slow…

I have a frog pond… by the simple expedient of digging a hole for one of those plastic garden pool tubs that you get at the big box store. It’s full of tadpoles.

In Indiana, your soil might be clay enough for you to dig a pool and let the rain fill it… stock with water lilies and wait for the frogs to show up.

In my last garden, I dug out a seep spring and stocked it with gold fish. And pond lilies, pickerel weed, iris, and other water plants.
The frogs and salamanders came on their own.

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