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Question by beachgirl111982: Out Door Pond?
I want to put in an out door pond. I would like to have apond thats smaller than 20 feet. I want to put in a flower garden around it. I have checked ebay and a few other places online but I can not find anything smaller then 30feet. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Answer by DoogieT
I don’t understand how you cannot find anything smaller than 30 feet. Most ponds are smaller than this. Are you measuring correctly? You need to decide how deep of a pond you need and measure the sides of the pond as well. A 10 foot long pond for example that is 3 feet deep would need a 20 foot long liner and then just cut the edges to fit. Length plus depth plus depth and at least a foot all the way around overlap. Don’t forget about width also. Look up pond kits. These are pretty good and come with everything that you need. You will find all kinds of sizes.

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  1. Ghost Who Walks says:

    You can create your own pond by digging and cementing the floor and sides etc. Or use plastic sheet to keep water instead of cement.

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