Q&A: Tiny tadpoles in my water garden?

| September 17, 2013 | 2 Comments

Question by AnnaK: Tiny tadpoles in my water garden?
I live in SW Mississippi and just noticed some really tiny tadpoles in my Koi pond. Anyone know what kind of frog or toad it could be? Maybe a tree frog? I mean really tiny, like mosquito larvae size.
Is there any way I can take some and raise them to frogs? Fishtank,maybe? My 11 yr. old son loves them and we’re afraid we’ll miss them when they mature and hop away.

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Answer by Sarahhh
who knows.. lemme grow and find out!

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  1. katherine.phung says:

    idk, just wait and see!

  2. pondwriter says:

    Hi neighbor. Chances are they are regular toads, especially if you have been hearing them outside in the evenings. They will probably get bigger and hop right on out. Do you remember what the eggs looked like? If they were in a string of jelly-like stuff, they are toads, if they were in a jelly-like blobby mass, they were frogs.

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