Q&A: What is the best way to construct a garden pond for my Mom?

| July 27, 2012 | 2 Comments

Question by Adam the Engineer: What is the best way to construct a garden pond for my Mom?
My mom has always wanted a pond/fountain in her front yard. So, this year for Mother’s Day me and my brothers are going to build her one. What is the best and cheepest way to do this and have it look nice? Also are fountains or waterfalls better and/or easier to maintian?

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Answer by mad_mike_j
Buy a book. It will list all of the different ways to build a pond based on cost considerations, your location (cold north/warm south), and the materials you can use.

Home Depot and Lowes sell books and kits.

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  1. kayak says:

    While you are at Lowes/Home Depot look at their ready made ponds. They sell all sizes and accessories.

  2. thegubmint says:

    Go with the pre-formed option. They’re more durable and easier to deal with. They’re limited in size, but it sounds like that’s probably not a problem.

    A fountain is much easier to put in and maintain. Waterfalls are a lot of work to install, and almost always end up leaking somewhere, draining your pond.

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