Q&A: What would be a basic but efficient way to start a koi pond?

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Question by Joshua: What would be a basic but efficient way to start a koi pond?
I wanted to start a pond with koi but what will they need and what will be less costly of doing so in my backyard?

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Answer by Ash
Well having a pond is no cheap thing, understand this. It can get as pricey as 500+ dollars. Koi get 3-4 feet easily and have a very high waste capacity. They’ll need very large ponds and special food for them.

Pond liner
Powerhead or something to create current
Filter with large capacity
A lot of bags of sand
A bag of cement
(If you live in a hot area a chiller might be reccomended)

Koi require the minimum of a 500 gallon pond, they need lots of filtration, and something to keep the water moving such as waterfall, powerhead, or the filter itself or else it becomes stagnent and unhealthy to live in. You will also need to cycle the pond as like any other aquarium.

First you will have to dig a large hole large enough to have a plastic pond liner which is cheapest way to go. Plastic pond liners can get to be the size of a regular pool and you can find them at Home Depo or Lowes or any garden store.

Then you would fill the hold with a bit of sand. A thin layer to keep the mud and moist from it sinking further into the ground. Those weed protecters for your garden work aswell.

Then you will have to buy the minimum of 2-3 filters or one with a very large filter capacity. Sometimes these can be put underwater or the fancier ones can be run via pipe underground and shot out as a waterfall.

You then get the pond liner, lay it in the hole, and fill it up with regular hose water at first some of the lip of liner will stick up but you must let the ton of water settle into the ground. With the heavy water in it should sink in overnight.

Then you fill the lip with a line of concrete to keep things from squeezing under; bugs, rats etc. You should place stone or something around it to prevent slipping in the mud.

You get the filters and you place them accordingly and you cycle the pond.

There should be a healthy growth of algae but I suggest some pond sand, smooth stones or pond gravel for the bottom.

After the pond is cycled you can put the koi in.

I believe a goldfish pond would be much easier. They’ll need more of a 100 gallon pond for 6 of them.

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