Q&A: Whats the easies way to get rid of Frogs Spawn please?

| November 5, 2013 | 2 Comments

Question by kittykatts: Whats the easies way to get rid of Frogs Spawn please?
I have to clean up a garden with a huge pond and I need to remove an immense amount of frogs spawn. I have no idea how to and I don’t want to be inhumane whilst doing it.

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Answer by darealqueen
A cup of turpentine into the water.

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  1. MrMike says:

    use clear plastic milk jugs to collect them and if you like the echo system bring them to a fresh water stream and let them go the frog is the most important this in our echo system so try not to kill them just relocate them

  2. serenity says:

    Try to relocate them to another suitable area. At least it will give them a chance to live. I like the person’s answer about using plastic jugs. Like old milk jugs or something like that. Even clean pails would work . Thank you for being so thoughtful of your fellow earth dwellers. We all share this earth together and you are doing your part to help the little frogs. I think I love you…..

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