Q&A: Where can I find information on garden pond plumbing?

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Question by : Where can I find information on garden pond plumbing?
Hi, am building a garden pond but am really confused on what elements I need for plumbing.
I have a 1200 gallon pond and I want t know if I need a skimmer, UV filter, pump, and what pipes to connect it all.
Found some sites on the web but seem all incomplete and they just try to market name brand products.
Can anyone give me some tips, or perhaps some worthy sites and books?

Many thanks!!!

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Answer by pondlady
Start at my website at http://www.pondlady.com
You will find step by step instructions with photos on how to build a pond. You probably do not need a skimmer or a UV light unless you are planning on having koi. There really is no plumbing involved.

You can also check out “A Practical Guide to Building and Caring for your Pond”
That just happens to be my recent book

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  1. carl r says:

    Well, there are no clear-cut answers. I’m not shilling my book – yet – but it is not as simple as the internet kits make it seem. They generally do not care if you have a great experience – they want to sell you something.

    As well, some folks believe in skimmers, others don’t. I have three trees which overhang my pond and without skimmers, I’d have a thick layer of anaroebic molm. I went to a seminar last week where they use aquarium powerheads – one per 600 gallons that flow water over ‘goop’ – bacteria and arthropods. Nice idea – it only takes 2 years to clear up your pond. Believe what you want – here’s what we do.

    We use only 1.5 or 2 inch flex PVC. We use schedule 40 sweep fittings – made by Waterway. You have low head pumps on a pond and you do not need any friction loss. UV is a great addition, but buy a stand-alone unit – one stuffed into your pump or filter is going to be a hassle – besides, when you add bacteria, whether its from a bottle or your friend’s pond, you have to turn off the UV for 8-16 hours while the bacteria makes a home for itself, or it’s getting its DNA scrambed along with planktonic algae.

    There’s more, but that’s it for now. Until I publish my book, I still consult.

    Good Luck

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