Q&A: Why is having a Brackish pond impossible?

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Question by Raiden Aquaria: Why is having a Brackish pond impossible?
I was thinking about it and well is having a brackish pond really that difficult to maintain? I mean fish from brackish ponds are used to fluctuations in water quality and salinity so why not…the only problem i could see is with temperture since i don’t know any coldwater brackish fish besides hogchockers…
its a 50 gallons
ok i get the salt problem but they can live through that type of stuff right? And i would probably grow som mangrove plants and what types of fish are coldwater brackish?

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Answer by Ianab
Not impossible, just difficult and somewhat pointless.

You have to mess about with the salt level, you can’t grow plants, any overflow from rain kills your lawn etc. And than, what are you actually going to keep in there? Most cold water brackish fish are rather small, dull coloured and shy, so you would never see them anyway.


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  1. Brian_ChargersFan says:

    Aside from temperature control, you’re gonna be constantly fighting an uphill battle with controlling the specific gravity ranges certain brackish species require. Being an outdoor pond with relatively low volume of water and being exposed to the sun and elements, your pond will constantly be evaporating. This in turn raises the salinity concentration. Just trying to maintain it will be nearly impossible.

  2. Fish Crazy says:

    You should just set up a tank as the pond will NOT work out!

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