Q&A: why is my goldfish laying on it’s side at the bottom of the tank?

| November 1, 2013 | 2 Comments

Question by salamander: why is my goldfish laying on it’s side at the bottom of the tank?
i just got a goldfish from a friend’s garden pond that was outside. i put the fish in my aquarium and he was having difficulty staying afloat, he’s fat and his fins are abnormally small (possibly form fin rot?) so he kept sinking to the bottom. eventually he just laid down at the bottom on his side. i know he is still alive because he’s breathing, opening and closing his mouth, and moving a little bit.

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Answer by Life is wonderland
just make sure that he eats well and clean his tank mayb his like that n its normall for him

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  1. Charlie, Stephy says:

    well how big is the goldfish?
    itll prob need to be in a 25-30 gall by himself since hes “fat” and used to being in a pond
    if hes not in the proper size tank it could be poor water quality, take some water to a local petshop and have em tesst it for you if not they should sell test strips and test your water to see the water quality and go from there

  2. OMG says:

    He probably has a problemm with his swimbladder. There is not much you can do, unless you have frozen peas. skin them and cut them into small bits. When he gets hungry feed him that for 2 meals. Cut back on the food by 50% for a week- it won’t starve. Make sure the fish has a big enough tank (10+), and you have an air pump to give the water oxygen. make sure that the water you used for the tank is not tap water, and it is around the same temperature as it is in the pond. Try not to stare into his tank which will increase stress levels. For the fins I would get medication from the aquarium but that isn’t an urgent problem. Good luck!

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