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Question by Mustae: Would a little pond be good for a..?
I have made up my mind and I want to get an Haitian Curly Tailed Lizard! (yaaaaay!) But I was wondering If I could create a little pond just about half the height of this body somehow and if he/she would like that. I know they’re desert lizards but I was wondering if they ever wanted to cool off he/she could chill in there, and also it would look really cool. Would I also need to put special chemicals, heat the water or just keep it room temperature? etc. etc.

If they would like a little tiny pond, what do you suggest I make it out of? I was thinking a little hard plastic container like one from the greenhouse for garden ponds or maybe plastic TV dinner trays, or maybe a plexiglass piece separating a little section of the tank and sealed with a aquarium safe sealer.

Good ideas?Thanks for help, 10 pts best answer!

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Answer by JD
Okay… Don’t create a pond, desert lizards wont tolerate it, I would suggest to buy a small terrarium, go to the beach and get some sand, then put the sand in the terrarium, put some stones and whatever you want. Because they’re lizards they have a a very rough and dry skin thats why water is not for them. Here you can get some ideas, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uL98lLcYGk.

For the temperature you will need a Heat lamp to stay on for about 12 hours (If indoors) or you wont have to buy a heat lamp if the terrarium is outdoors. You also need a heat stone, turn it on in the early morning and turn it off about 11:00 AM.

Here’s an idea of everything you need: http://www.bizrate.com/reptilesupplies/index__kw–buy+reptiles+pet+supplies__qcid–4619194.html

So don’t make a pond plz the reptile won’t tolerate it.

Hope this helps and Good Luck !

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