Raised garden, help!! Dirt slides down slopes.. (Photos)?

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Question by ~♥Sasha♥~: Raised garden, help!! Dirt slides down slopes.. (Photos)?
I decided to put in a raised pond a couple years ago. the 1st year, I had rocks around it, flowers and plants, it looked fairly decent.

But… The dirt is washing away… The rocks won’t stay, and the plants are impossible to grow the way it is! *sigh*

Any ideas?

My idea was to somehow make 3 tiers/levels, with dirt and something to keep the dirt from sliding.. But what, and how?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

The first pic is most recent, others are from last Summer…

This is how it looks now..
Cats drinking from Goldfish pond.. lol
A work in progress - I hope!
Above ground Pond... =/

..Oh, and weeds are a bit of a problem too, as you can see. lol
lol I meant on the question, raised pond… Not raised garden.. lol

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Answer by biff
Plant wild flowers around the pond, and this will hold the soil. Tear out the weeds etc and plant flowers. If the flowers dont hold the soil plant grass. I think your pond is too high! . Are all those cats yours?? Nice pics of cats any way!! lowerthe pond and have a water fall over rocks.Good luck, i like it!

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  1. Karen L says:

    I think you need to build sort of wall around the pond to contain the dirt until plants can take hold, perhaps put the wall a couple of feet away from the pond, sloping very gently away from it. You’ll need biggish rocks for this, or bricks or landscape ties would work, build small terraces with them. The wall doesn’t need to be shaped just like the pond and could have several levels. The slope at one end is too steep, it definitely needs a couple of levels. You could put landscape cloth on the soil around the pond which would help the soil stay put; you can cut holes in it to put plants in, and you could use bark mulch to stop the soil from washing away and to cover the landscape fabric.

    At least the cats are enjoying the pond. They must be good friends; mine would never do anything all in a bunch like that.

  2. ladycate7 says:

    They have some incredible products on the market now for landscaping… I think some interlocking bricks that look like rocks would be awesome around that pond! Just go to your local hardware or landscaping store for more ideas.

  3. helper says:

    Try planting low growing groundcover,seedum, phlox etc. Most will grow in any kind of soil.

  4. canuck1950 says:

    There is really no simple solution to your problem, I would strongly recommend, you start from scratch again, if you want your pond/s to be fully functional and to eliminate the problems you have encountered. You need to eliminate ALL the weeds with a GOOD systemic weed killer, you then need to construct some sort of a retaining wall system to hold both the soil and to give support to your pond liners when they are filled. This can be with landscape timbers, interlocking “stone” etc. once you have that in place you will begin to back fill, then dig out for your liner in the exact shape and depth, the lip of the liner rest on the ground and is usually covered with stone, or some other material that won’t wash into your ponds. Once you have a PERFECT fit, treat the area where the liner will sit with a long lasting weed killer (one that will target nut grass), then apply a double layer of weed block over the entire area, including where the liner will rest. You will need to repeat this process for each “step” down of your ponds, make the steps gentle. Remember to lay out things, you will want any water lines, returns, electrical cords to be buried, and check your local building codes for burying electric. What I have personally used with excellent results is to apply a 1″ – 2″ layer of colored pea gravel over the soil surrounding the ponds, it hinders weeds, stops most soil erosion and washing into your ponds, and it is pleasing to the eye. Preparation is 99% of any job, the better you prep the better the finished job. You can go to any nursery that deals in ponds (they usually have 1 or 2 set up and functioning) and get ideas, books, supplies and ADVICE. Personally I sought out other Businesses who dealt in the different materials……Rock/Stone and brick company for my landscape boulders and pea gravel, lumber yard for timbers, etc. Sit down, envision what you want and then begin. REMEMBER to put a 2″ cushion of sand at the bottom of your hole so that nothing punctures your liners.

  5. xxrachyxxbabixx says:

    I would plant something really hardy like maybe some wildflowers you can get a big bag of seeds at target right now they are in the $ 1 bins.. they grow quite quick.
    but the kittys might be a problem messing up the seeds (btw your cats are adorable! I love kittyss!!!)
    or what my cousin did with hers since her cats and dog kept killing her flowers was to place like river rock in clay arround there then she like put moss and other things in between the spaces.

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