Red-Eared Slider Turtles Backyard Mini Pond

| May 25, 2012 | 18 Comments

I made a little playground for my turtles. I have 5 Red-Eared Sliders and a Yellow-Bellied Slider in there. They love the land area as they spend all day up there basking. They only use the pond to eat and sleep :D. All of the rocks and stuffs that i used to build this are stuffs that i found in my backyard (we used to have a Koi pond). I only bought the water pump to make the waterfall-filter.


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  1. yeah4me1 says:

    Where is the best place to buy red-eared slider hatchlings? People talk bad about Turtleshack. Where online? Anybody know/ Thankx

  2. katita210 says:

    I have a red eared slider I need to build a pond for outback he’s out growing his tank quickly & it’s hell to keep clean, I live in tx & was wondering would a aboveground pond be better than a in ground one? I’m  curious which is a better solution to him escaping or any predators trying to get at him. ANY TIPS????

  3. imdantheman32 says:

    how to make the rock to get out of the pond stand up???

  4. XvUchihaSasukevX says:

    Very Nice

  5. NIKESRAWESOME123 says:

    were do they bask

  6. doom2548 says:

    what do you for heat

  7. QindoxAlewess says:

    Sweet song , my dads making a japanise koi pond 3 ft. high and 15 ft. wide in our giant yard!

  8. MyRedEaredSliders says:

    I am makeing a pond like that but bigger for 9 res

  9. DetroitFitted says:

    yeah when i fell of that rock i was thinking the same thing ….damn…..he had to swim it off afterwards lol

  10. zombierapists says:

    i used to have a red slider i named him houdini cuz he kept gettin out lol but he died like 3 years ago cuz he got out and fell down my stairs in to a bucket of paint

  11. TheKevingutierrez says:

    Respond to this video…
    i like the pond

  12. madturtlefan says:

    Or maybe just put a fence…

  13. hiwi8989 says:

    i want to make a pond for my three, but i think they may be too small. also, how do you prevent them from wandering away to the rest of the yard?

  14. josebuencamino says:

    I’m thinking about making a pond for mine, although we have no soil in our backyard/laundry area and we hardly have the time and money for concrete.

  15. rap0488 says:

    niceee, i have 5 too. they are goos pets

  16. stingray614 says:

    not just will it drown the turtles man. it’d drown me good too. hahahahaha.

    dang! that’s a huge ass pond there! aren’t you gonna make a vid of it?

  17. MrPetlover45 says:

    its actually 10 feet long 7 feet wide and 4 feet deep in one part and then it slowly goes up so the turtles can easily climb the slope but it will still be a beauty

    because 6 foot can drow a turtle

  18. stingray614 says:

    a 6 ft de would drown me, nice nice. i’ll be looking forward to see your pond ya?

    i’m only gonna build a pond in 2 years time. now they are still small and i can’t afford it financially yet lol. Laguna filters will be used :)

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