Removing Lotus, Killing Lotus, Changing Lotus Varieties, Get Rid of Lotus

| December 15, 2012 | 3 Comments

Lotus are wonderful, in some small or shallow earth bottom ponds you may not want the lotus growing. Simply follow bills suggestion. to remove a specific variety of lotus. Most all Lotus are connected by extending rhizomes so removal over control areas is not difficult and can be done without harming fish or other surrounding life. for buying and shipping lotus by season. Growing lotus guide available.
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  2. pondmegastore says:

    Roundup through the research we have looked at if used in the normal spray bottle should dissapate in the water and avoid fish health. This may not be the case if dumped into a small oriental body of water in concentrate form but if you are only spraying foliage there should be no effect as the chemial breakdown is so rapid on soil or water.

  3. NATIVE2OZ says:

    What do the fish think of round up?

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