Roof garden PICS INCLUDED – ideas needed for decking & general ideas?Thanks!?

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Question by chord: Roof garden PICS INCLUDED – ideas needed for decking & general ideas?Thanks!?
this weekend I started buying plants and stuff for my project on my roof garden. And, till now, this is how it looks.

So, I’m thinking of adding a pond here in this corner (of course remove the plants and put them somewhere else). It has to be a raised pond as I cant dig ( refer to link )

Here is my problem, take a look at these tiles

They are not pretty! I’ve looked at decking at garden centres but they are so expensive! So here is where I need your help- what can I use to cover up these horrible tiles? Any do-it-yourself cheap decking ideas?

Also, if you have any ideas & critisism for the garden, dont be hesitant to tell me !
PS-sry about the evident dog droppings but I have 3 dogs!
Ok I know it doesnt look grand till now, but I’ve only just step at a time!
I am from Malta 😛

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Answer by joey b
im not ready to upload some pics but i suggest the pond part— you can use a pond liner in a built up pond by stacking boulders wire mesh and pebbles,,,, about the decking— you can use a rough sawn logs use as stepping pads and to cover most of the tiles use white sand and assorted pebbles,, its much expensive using planks for decks, or redo all the tiles with stampcrete,, think about this might help– by the way where are you from——– it is best to use plant indegenous to your area

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  1. Rob E says:

    Your space is bigger than many people’s gardens, so you’ve got a fantastic opportunity to have a roof-top oasis – I’m jealous! It will be ok to add a decking on top of your tiles, so that you can easily remove/replace it in future.

    I use a large plant tub as a pond, growing water lillies etc, in it, though these benefit from plenty of sun light – I guess exposed on your roof terrace they’d get plenty of this. Alternatively, you could look for other self-contained ponds that are free standing.

    I’m not sure where you live, so your choice of plants will be dictated by your local climate. If you get winds through exposure on a roof, look for plants that will tolerate this. A tree or so will help provide further height interest – must be wind tolerant though.

    Consider adding something like split bamboo cane shields, that will provide some wind shielding, but without being a fully solid wall. Also, use some climbers to add height, and thus interest, to your garden. My overall goal with gardens is to add variety of leaf texture, colour, height as well as to have some year round interest. For climbers, consider Clematis, Bouganvillea, if you don’t get frosts, as well as honeysuckle for fragrance.

    You get have a herb garden – or vegetables/fruit too – in a section of your roof, and this again increases the interest, as well as saving some money over shop prices. Plants grown now will flourish this year, and makes your job of gardening even more rewarding. Trailing plants will help cover any tiles that you might not cover with decking.

    Consider also adding some stones, either as a gravel area, or larger stones, as this provides a break from the flat surface area that you have. Feng shui would have you with earth, stone plants water and wood, so consider what you could use to incorporate these. Your pond adds the water, you’ll have earth and plants too.

    Hope these quick ideas help. Don’t feel pressured into covering the whole area with decking, as standing tubs will break up the view of the tiles, as well as provide some relief. Seeds will help you grow many plants at a fraction of the cost of plant nurseries.

    Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

  2. Carole Q says:

    Ignore the tiles; center on eye contact toward your decorative taste. Items with color directs eye focus elsewhere where your money would be better invested.

    Get items you can transplant and have less pots to tip over or plants becoming root bound. Consider spray painting child’s wading pool, pool liners, get long flower boxes with depth, etc… Petunias for borders will give long time bloom and color around your other plants.

    Add patio table, umbrella, chairs, etc…

    After you have satisfaction with placed items, now take 2nd look at tiles. Are the remaining tiles that you see still bothersome? Spray paint a ‘walk way’ or lay paving tiles for a walk way.

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