Seniors what do you have in your garden besides plants?

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Question by isotope2007: Seniors what do you have in your garden besides plants?
I have a bird bath, a 3 foot tall very heavy St Francis, a black carp, out of my six musically tuned wind chimes, I have two left, the rest were stolen, and one chatter chime (bamboo), solar lights and of course patio furniture, faux wicker.

Now that there are newer members, I am again asking what have you got in your garden, aka yard, and what has pride of place? For me it would be my St Francis. We have been together a very long time !

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Answer by Keith M
I have a large fountain, a small ornamental pond with fish, bird bath, wind chimes and bells, and always a squirrel digging.
The children used to like to come into my yard to feed the birds and the fish. That gave me an idea to make a larger garden and call it Creation Garden and have verses pertaining to creation along a path.
My health has put that off but now that I am reminded I might have my grandchildren do the work.
There are several heavy iron lanterns that hold candles. You want to be very aware where they are hanging in relationship to your head while working in the garden, something I don’t seem to be good at.

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  1. Lynn says:

    I have a glass topped table and four metal cushioned chairs. I have
    three wind spinners that are twisted and are see through colors with
    an iridescent look. I have one bamboo ‘chime’ that drives me nuts for
    the clunking sound. And I have two metal chimes that have humming-
    bird figures hanging at the bottom. And I have one small dream catcher chime I have hanging on a branch of a faux tree next to the
    door. Inside of our rock garden. Sits a new porch swing with a canope. It has a type of nylon seating, with pockets hanging from each arm rest to hold things.There are several solar powered walk way
    lights to provide a little lighting along a brick walk from our outside
    staircase to the street level. They are new and have copper colored
    tops. I have an old birdbath with marble birds stuck into holes on each side. There are colored glass pellets on the bottom under the water to give it some color and attract the birds.
    I have two flower containers I mentioned in a prior answer, sitting
    to each side of the porch swing. There are two stairways at each
    end of the width of the yard. One leading up to the main house above us, on one end, and a flight of stairs on the other leading to the street level. At the far end of the yard, we have a view overlooking part of our town below, and at a distance, we have a huge river leading to the ocean, and we watch jets and passenger planes take off and land at the PDX airport on the other side of the river. And we also watch small ones land at the small private air park below us. Some have said, we have a million dollar view. And I suppose we do. I know It’s probably the only one we’ll ever see.

  2. Lady Grinning Soul says:

    I live in a condo my garden is about7X7 . Never the less, I broke all the condo rules and pulled out the ugly stuff they had in there. Beautiful aloes that bloom. I didn’t know they did that . I have wind chimes, Some gorgeous plants that I have gathered from here and there, Mixed with somemarigolds and pothos that is climbing the wall and looks so pretty, I have an angel. Over to the side I have bird feeders and between the ducks, cranes morning doves et all..when I go out to feed them , it’s like a scene from “The Birds: I also have a tree with a V shape where I leave nuts and raisins for my 2 squirrel friends.Oh stepping stones that says “Gather with gratitutude” and “Rejoice!” I love my garden. I am the only person here who does anything with there’s and it iss such a peaceful hobby. It’s like my tribute to Mother Earth

  3. janey says:

    A bird bath filled with colored marbles and sea shells. I don’t put water in it to draw the birds because I’m afraid my cat would get them. Lots of huge rocks of different colors. A few solar lights and a large piece of drift wood with a smaller light house perched on it.

    The piece I like the best is a huge boulder shaped like a bench. It sits in it’s own space surrounded by smaller rocks and plants.

  4. Baw says:

    My free range chickens are in there this morning eating the bugs and fertilizing.

  5. Diane M says:

    A tiny garden gnome that reminds me of my husband.

  6. MAK says:

    Besides having a vegetable garden with about 7 tomato plants (just in case my topsy turvy doesn’t work) I have cucumbers. And this year I started a shade garden I have an arbor at one end of the path with clematis growing in each container that is attached to the arbor, and the rest of the area has ground plants such as Hosta’s and on each end of the area are two large bush’s that over hang and shade the complete area, then I have assorted bird houses in those bush’s and then three wooden 2 by 4’s pounded into the ground that I attached special bird house’s to, one house has license plates for the roof. I have concrete steps at one end that leads you down a very small hill, sometimes I sit on those steps and I can see the lake with the boats, A cool peaceful area.

  7. mydearsie says:

    I have a very tiny patio spot and have a heavenly bamboo plant and some sedums. A beautiful St. Francis statue was given to me by my neighbor after I admired it. A couple of tiny windchimes and some tiny bird houses that I painted are hanging in the tree. My problem is deciding which plants and flowers to buy. I seem to be feeding those pesky squirrels. I had no idea they like ornamental grasses.

  8. Gladys says:

    I have a glazing globe and a concrete angel holding an urn. Plus, I’ve been in my garden quite a bit lately tending to the vegetables.

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