Step by Step Pond Building – Koi Pond in Garden with a Waterfall London 2010

| February 3, 2012 | 20 Comments

This is a mix of all the vids I have while building my pond……..I’m happy to give advice if you want some help doing your own. Koi Fish Kohaka metallic New Garden Pond Rock Gard Waterfalls Tropical Effect Feeding My Fry Heron Netting Palm Waterfeature water feature natural building how to g

Garden Koi Fish Pond. This is a short introductory koi pond video for people interested in how to build their own garden koi fishpond. There is a Guide on planning, building and maintaining your outdoor koi fish pond aswell as a koi pond photo gallery available at
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  1. SHITARDO says:

    Can anyone please tell me if koi can survive a below freezing winter?? Im making a pond and need to know!?

  2. edgarrodriguez333 says:

    What kind of water do you put in it? nd what kind of fish are those and where can i get some? thanks (: very nice pond!

  3. aliciasy156 says:

    I love this. Is it really that easy? My husband is building me a house in africa and i want a pond like this… How did you do the filtering? can you provide more details? thank you !

  4. MegaFishfarm says:

    they have some nice fish here, ive been getting mine at meadow view fish farm in Mancheter UK, they are very competitive with some very very nice fish available.

  5. casino007007 says:

    How about winter ? do you need to take the fish inside? you have a nice pond .

  6. popoloju says:

    what do you du during the winter, do you move the fishes in a acqarium inside your house, or du you use a pond heater ?  sorry for repeating th question

  7. figgyfiggy5 says:

    what do u do when winter comes do u leave them the same as in the summer

  8. ch1lly37 says:

    nice pond just sorting me waterfall out at the moment :) cheers

  9. hawaiidoves says:

    Very nice !

  10. XxOakDryadxX says:

    i love it!

  11. Afewdollarsmore1 says:

    can anyone tell me what kind of insect this is please.

  12. yusufchris1 says:

    Where abouts In London are you, as would love to come over and get some ideas from you. Magnificent pond by the way.

  13. yusufchris1 says:

    Where abouts in London are you, as would love to come over and get some ideas from you. Your pond is magnificent

  14. 13gilz says:

    you could buy some turtles to occupy the other pool of water

  15. gregjonesonline says:

    why the gloves?

  16. Adam141516 says:

    hey any help would be geat im going to be bulding a koi pond about the same size as yours how much did it cost and what do i have to do to keep the water clear and how many koi can u keep in that size of a pond? thanks

  17. Opexmans says:

    i enjoyed it, thanks

  18. African78 says:


  19. tdhand15 says:

    Thank You!! (:D

  20. 07877575009 says:

    lovely :D

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