The Sims 3 How to make a Pond?

| July 4, 2012 | 15 Comments

Hey everyone!! 1st THANKS FOR OVER 3000 VIEWS!!!! Ok so here im building a pond for you guys and i also used some cheats: moveobjects on – to place anything any were. testingcheatsenabled true – so you can put fish i the pond!
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  1. Stewiegriffinist says:

    How did you make the deck?

  2. causeofcurse says:

    in the xbox 360 version it’s in landsculpting mode next to build/buy mode

  3. 517Wolf says:

    It’s only a cheat for the PC version of the game.

  4. MrHappysims3 says:

    it is were you can level the terrain and were you can make ponds!

  5. TheVioletfox01 says:

    where is the terrain tool area?? i can’t seem to find it, and i sorta lost the instruction manual… -.-‘

  6. MrHappysims3 says:

    @102783982 yeah thanks for the comment :) i dont think there is a way!!! sorry and if i really cant help :(

  7. AGElite87 says:

    get 10 of one type of fish in your inventory then click on your pond then is should give you the option.

  8. guerrillagamer420 says:

    does anyone know how to put fish in a pond for the ps3

  9. MrHappysims3 says:

    it is in the leveling the terrain tool area

  10. DreamyyOne says:

    I don’t get where you choose the pondground in your Build and Buy?
    Please can anyone tell me ?

  11. piggypals33 says:

    i do… TTATT

  12. MrHappysims3 says:

    hey it is because your computer isn’t really good and the graphic card is maybe older!!!! and before the buydebug u must but in testingcheatsenabled true then it will work!! 

  13. piggypals33 says:

    ok hold up whenever i make a pond the water is darkr ad ripply and u cant see tiles on the bottom and the buydebug cheatwont work

  14. llanto209 says:

    you should put fish buydebug on

  15. CrazyEric5555 says:

    Cause i wanna make a good lookin pond and how do you put fish in the pond?

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