we have these mud like hills with a big hole in it what are they?

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Question by mustangming13: we have these mud like hills with a big hole in it what are they?
i have never seen anything come out of them or go in them. i saw some in our garden, near our pond, and in the mulch, and in the grass…..what in the world is it….i am worried it is wasps.

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Answer by jerzyson29
Termites!! they probably just moved on

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  1. Rodrigo N says:

    Termites, ants, or gophers. Call the exterminator

  2. ♥♥♥mom3ღ says:

    gophers or groundhogs
    call pest controll

  3. pcbeachrat says:

    They are crawdads…crawfish all the same…I bet the mounds are made of little balls of mud rolled up and stacked…the holes probably have water in them if you look at the ones near the ponds…If you take a piece of bacon and put a small piece in a piece of nylon panty hose..them weight it down and drop it in one of the holes that have water in it..watch the string move in less than 10 minutes if occupied..You slowly pull it back out of the hole sllowly..the crawdads little spikes hang up in the nylon you can pull them out of the hole…see if I can find a picture real quick of a crawdad mound..when ponds dry up some they build these mounds and have water in them to stay wet…The second link has a bunch of pictures of the mounds

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