What are the basics to building a koi pond?

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Question by Corydoras: What are the basics to building a koi pond?
My friend and i are planning to construct a fair sized pond. It can be up to 12 feet long and 6 feet wide. Not to be over 3 feet at the deepest, estimated volume of 1080 gallons.

I would like to know the basics, such as installing filtration, good pond liners, who to call about underground hardware/pipes to avoid, etc.

I would love to hear from people who have constructed their own ponds before.
Yeah I was thinking more like 20″ deep and shubunkins.

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Answer by Local Fish Store
I have constructed several. You are way under estimating the pond volume. You want EDPM 45 mil Firestone Liner with underlayment. Over 2 feet deep will need a zoning variance. You want a pressurized filter housing, Alpine, Atlantic Water Gardens, Danner, Tetra, Laguna (Hagen), Fishmate and others are all good. You want a flow rate at least 2x the water volume. You can build a water falls and add filtration there as well.

Edit: Your volume is more like 1,600 gallons. Reduce maximum depth to 30″ and make a bigger surface area. One adult koi needs about 50 sf surface area. Your pond would have trouble supporting two 24″+ koi.

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