What are the best fish for garden ponds?

| November 22, 2012 | 8 Comments

Question by Chemical: What are the best fish for garden ponds?
the pond i have is a pre-moulded plastic one and its about 21 inches deep, and i need some fish to put in it, any recomendations?

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Answer by live laugh love <3
how many gallons is it? the best fish to get is goldfish, not koi, koi get too big and they need a huge pond

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  1. Ianab says:

    There is a good reason goldfish are popular as pond fish. I suggest common or comet goldfish for a pond though, they are bigger and hardier. You can get a selection of colours, silver, black or shubunkin, which is all the colours mixed up.


  2. lopezvljr says:

    I also believe goldfish is your best bet.

  3. indonev says:

    21″ is not that deep unless it’s really shaded with plenty of vegetation inside.

    Koi fishes are the best to have because they’re not very dirty and adapt in different climates, they’re the tougher fish from the goldfish family; don’t get the actual goldfish because they’re very dirty and will die easier in a pond.

    Also them plecostomus, or however they’re spelled, get some small one of those, they help clean the bottom of the pond (they eat the fishes mess, etc) and grow pretty big.

  4. Adrianne S says:

    comet goldfish, the kind that you can get for a quarter at a petstore.

  5. snoopy1 says:


  6. anon.. says:

    Common goldfish are great!! Please also consider getting some mosquito fish. They are free! Just look up mosquito abatement in your yellow pages. They will ask you how many gallons you have and provide the fish to you for free, you just have to have a bucket and lid (clean)!!

  7. mr_kevin2000 says:

    Goldfish, Koi get too large, but however, Koi are far more hardy then Goldfish. I reccomend not putting in the goldfish at its “12 Cent” Age, It will die from its very small age. It would be best if you let it grow out to at least an inch with an aquarium, not a bowl, bowls give fish very bad health and stunted growth.

  8. frenzy641 says:

    goldfish would be perfect for something that size, but you might want to keep a net over it if its outdoors or racoons will eat them

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