What are these things growing in my backyard pond?

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Question by Rhesonance: What are these things growing in my backyard pond?

I live in Los Angeles and it houses a turtle which we feed leftovers and vegetation. Random leaves and bugs from the garden fall in the water as well if this helps with identification.

I mainly need to know if they’re harmful or helpful before I get rid of them. For now I just put my turtle in a clean tank to be safe. Thanks!

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Answer by stone
Those are mosquito larva.
Dump the water in the garden. refill the turtle pond with fresh.

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  1. the truth says:

    Mosquito larvae and you can prevent them with a small water fountain for your pond.

    Mosquito’s do not deposit their eggs when the surface of the water is disturbed.

    An inexpensive fountain that splashes water on the surface would disturb the surface water just enough to stop them. Other than that they’ll soon hatch and guess who’ll be on the menu during those cook-outs.

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