What can I put in my pond with fish and plants to get the green water and algae out?

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Question by Brenda S: What can I put in my pond with fish and plants to get the green water and algae out?
I have a pond with goldfish, Koi, and a couple of plants. I have two small waterfalls and a spray to help keep the water ventelated for the fish. With the hot weather here in MN this last month – the water is really green and the rocks have algae. I do feed the fish food – if I stop feeding the fish will that actually help the water clear up or is there something that I can put in the water to help?

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Answer by jksheets82
you may want to buy a fish that eats algae or maybe go to lowes or somewhere and see if there is a chemical that is safe on fish that kill algae

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  1. PatV says:

    Barley straw is what we use in Texas, it’s also called Barley pellets.
    Koi are very messy, you may never clear up the water completely with koi, plus they will eat your plants.
    You shouldn’t feed your fish more than once a day, if that. We get away with a few times in the week for the summer, and nothing during the winter.
    There is a vacuum designed to clean ponds – sorry i can’t remember the name – check with your local water garden store.

  2. Leslie T says:

    you can buy algacide and treat your pond and it may help some
    but you cant continue to use it all summer, the problem is too much light, buy more plants and cover the surface 75-80%, plant
    hedges and small trees around pond to block light, put an awning or gazebo over your pond, do not buy algae eaters because they cant clear your problem and they cant survive the winter
    add rock salt or aquarium salt 1 lb per 200 gal of pond water
    I build all my ponds in heavy shade and advise others to
    that way I have clear water, even the best filtration systems cant handle the algae in a shallow pond in full sun
    Good Luck

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