what exactly is a mini pond???

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Question by fee617: what exactly is a mini pond???
what is a mini pond and how is it helpful or harmful to society??? my neices science question. hhhheeelp!!!! please

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“Mini-ponds” are small man- made ponds that people use for landscaping. I have seen mini-pond liners in hardware stores–the liner or basic form is made out of thick plastic, preformed in the shape of a naturally occuring pond, just smaller–about 4 or 5 feet across and two to three feet deep. Other people might use a “backhoe”–sort of like a tractor but with a mechanical arm that scoops out dirt. Other people might use shovels. Some people might use concrete to form a pool shape–like people use concrete for swimming pools. People sometimes have “waterfalls” or mini waterfalls going into the mini pond. Some people put lilly pads into their ponds. Some people put fish (Koi) or large goldfish into their ponds. It is meant to create a nice natural place of relaxation. Many Japanese gardens have mini-ponds. I would think they are beneficial to society because of the calming effect that nature and bodies of water have on people. People often go to the lake or seashore to “get away from it all” and relax. A mini pond, especially if it’s done artistically with pond plants, and plants around the pond, can create a special place for reflection.

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